The Cake Decorating Academy FAQ’s

How do I book my place on a cake decorating class?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Once you have your unique booking code:

  1. Follow the locations link to find your local tutor, select the tutor and email them for their class dates.
  2. When you receive their email back, select a date and class.
  3. Email the the tutor know your unique booking code along with the date and class you wish to attend.

You will then receive your personal class information by email from one of our fabulous tutors!

Please allow 24 hours for confirmation of a class and date.  To keep costs down we do not employ receptionists, you will be dealing directly with your tutor (who will most likely be teaching!) so please be patient.

Q. Where are the classes held?

A. The Cake Decorating Academy One Day Classes have historically been held in the Midlands, UK. Owing to demand our classes are now becoming available across the UK as we roll out our specific type of magic to new locations. We are bringing more locations online all the time and if you are interested in joining our team, please take a peep at our JOIN US AS A BUSINESS PARTNER page.

Q. Is Lunch provided?
A. Unfortunately, the Pandemic of 2020 means that as we consider your safety first, therefore we no longer provide lunch. Please feel free to bring along a packed lunch that DOES NOT require refrigeration. Tea, Coffee, Squash and biscuits are available for FREE and a selection of other confectionary may also be available to purchase.

Q. I would like to book onto a class, how do I do that?
A. Simply select the class you wish to attend and the nearest location to attend the class from our LOCATIONS page. (Take a look at the other attractions and hotels nearby your chosen location as you may wish to make a weekend of it!). Once you have chosen your class, and the location just purchase your class and contact the tutor at your location of choice. You will receive an electronic receipt for your class with a UNIQUE reference number on it. Simply give this to your Tutor when you are booking with them. We require payment in full when booking and we cannot accept deposits for places. Your tutor cannot book your class without the details of your booking reference number.

Q. How do I purchase a gift voucher?

A. Simply purchase a class for the lucky recipient and give them the electronic receipt in their card and they can contact a Tutor in their chosen location. All our cake decorating class bookings are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Q. Do I need to bring any equipment with me?
Just bring yourself, your imagination and creativity! All equipment is provided, even the apron!

Q. Do you do when parties?
A. Yes, we do! We have a variety of hen party packages to suit your time frames and pocket. Check out our hen party section of the website!
Payment in full is required 7 days prior to a private party and the person booking is responsible for the whole costs and will be the person paying in full.

Q. Can I get a refund on my booking?
A. Bookings are non-refundable.

Q. Can I just walk into the studio?
A. Access to The Cake Decorating Academy Classes can only be granted to person/s who have purchased and booked their place on a The Cake Decorating Academy course.

Q. Is there a minimum age to attend a class?
A. To attend one of our amazing classes the minimum age limit is 12 years old. We do offer children’s party packages so maybe take a look Children’s Party Packages page on our web site.

Q. Can we leave the children with you on the children parties?
A. We require that the party organiser/parent of birthday girl/boy is present during the party….most parents actually want to stay and join in any way!

Q. When is my party payment due?
A. Payment in full is required 7 days prior to a private Children’s or Hen Party or Corporate Event. The person booking is responsible for the whole costs and will be the person paying in full. Please E mail us to request more details.

Q. Once I have booked a class can, I cancel it?
A. Cancellation of a The Cake Decorating Academy class with less than 2 weeks’ notice (for ANY reason INCLUDING adverse weather conditions, illness etc), means that you are not eligible for a transfer to another date OR a refund. Therefore, please select your chosen class date very carefully. We reserve the right to modify the course content at any time. We cannot refund any class fees.

Q. Can I change the date of my class?
A. Please inform us of your wish to change the class date with at least 14 days’ notice. If we are successful in filling your place, we may be able to transfer you to an alternative date. There is an administration charge of £20 for this transfer. If you are cancelling your class booking due to Covid Infection we will require your positive PCR result notification for a FREE class date transfer. This only applies to COVID infections and will incur a £20 admin fee to transfer.

Q. Can The Cake Decorating Academy cancel a class?
A. It is highly unlikely that we will cancel a class or party. If this should happen, we will offer you an alternative date. Your safety is our priority and during the Covid pandemic period we may need to cancel your class with 48 hrs notice. We will offer a refund or an admin free class date transfer.
During the Covid Pandemic we will be flow testing our tutors twice weekly and observing the English UK Government guidelines applicable to the class date to ensure your safety at all times.

Q. Does The Cake Decorating Academy take photos?
A. Well, we are proud of our student’s masterpieces, and we do take photographs during our workshops! If you do not wish to be included in these photographs, please inform us and we will of course honour your wishes.
We reserve the right to use your work to advertise our classes.

Q. I am flying into the UK/travelling to the area, where can I stay and what is there to do?
A. Please contact your local tutor via email for details of lovely hotels and restaurants nearby to enhance your stay.

Q. Can I take photos of my cake/cup cakes and of the class?
A. Here at The Cake Decorating Academy we know you’re going to be proud of your creations, as we will be. You are welcome to take photographs of your work, but please check with other class members first if they are ok with this as their privacy comes first. However, if you then put the photographs taken at your class or cakes made during your time with us on internet forums such as Facebook, twitter etc, you MUST credit said photographs with a line stating that they were a result of The Cake Decorating Academy Class with a mention of our website It’s only fair that people know where to come for the same experience, so please share.

Q. I want to run my own training Courses, can I use anything supplied or learnt during the course.?
A. Our CEO is a qualified trainer (Cert Ed) and we pride ourselves that a great deal of time and effort has gone into making sure that all our learning material and teaching methods fully benefit from our professionalism.
We have put years of study, practice and learning into designing your class for your enjoyment, safety and learning and our CEO and Tutors are highly skilled and trained in the art of sugar craft.
So…if you think you can give that commitment and can match their skills, experience and training, devotion and passion please speak to us and we will discuss how we can you to take forward with us The Cake Decorating Academy by becoming one of our Business Partners. Copying our classes and format, although flattering may lead to prosecution as a breach of our Intellectual Property rights. Please don’t copy our material or business model, logo’s or name as they are protected.
You may not use designs, lesson plans, class format, photography, pre class information, notes, handouts, wording used by The Cake Decorating Academy.

Q. Can I take a video recording of the class?
A. We respectfully request that you do NOT record the class via any electronic device installed with a video recording facility. This is to protect the Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Copyright of The Cake Decorating Academy. We also respect the privacy of other students who will be attending the class. Anyone found recording via an electronic visual medium before, during and after the class will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be given.

Q. I would like to go into the Cupcake/Cake business, can you share your knowledge with me?
A. Yes of course we can! Check out our CEO and her Cake Biz Coach web site and her NO.1 Best Selling Book ‘Cake Biz Success.’

Q. Can I use the pictures of the cakes that I make at The Cake Decorating Academy class on my own cake business social media and web site pages or promotions?
If you already run cup cake classes, or are planning to do so, you MUST inform us of your business interests before attending The Cake Decorating Academy class. If you attend a class, you MAY NOT use photographs of ANY cupcakes made during The Cake Decorating Academy Class to promote or assist your business in any commercial capacity. You MAY NOT use The Cake Decorating Academy lesson plans, course content, photographs, teaching techniques, printed handouts, recipes or cake designs for the promotion of your business or in any other commercial capacity.
If you wish to come on board and follow the high standards that we set in The Cake Decorating Academy Brand please contact us and speak about a Joining us a Business Partner. (See website page)

Q. I have allergies, do you need to know about them?
A. Yes please! When booking a workshop, class, or party YOU MUST inform us of any dietary requirements and/or allergies you, or the participants attending have. This MUST be done at least 14 days prior to the class or event.

Q. I am a Vegetarian, Are the courses suitable?
A. Yes, they are and we are extremely knowledgeable of all our products used. We are very sensitive to all dietary and religious requirements. Please let us know 48 hrs prior to attending a course of your dietary requirements.

Q. Is alcohol used during any of the classes?
A. We do not use alcohol in our cakes or decorating products.

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