Diana Catherine - CEO

Location: West Midlands
Our CEO Diana Catherine is classically trained in the art of sugarcraft, royal icing and cake decoration; having trained and taught at the renowned Birmingham College of Food (Now UCB). Diana is a fully qualified tutor, Cert Ed, and has her own cake business for over twenty years and is passionate about her art. Diana has been running The Cake Decorating Academy as Buttercream & Bows for ten years and has helped thousands enjoy an exciting learning experience. Diana has a wealth of knowledge in the world of cake, including: Amazon No1 Best Selling Author – “Cake Biz Success” Cake Business Mentor – The Cake Biz Coach Cake Decorating Journalist University Cake Decorating Lecturer Cake Business Consultant to large businesses like Dr Oetker

Alison McNevin

Location: Nottinghamshire
To contact Alison, regarding class dates
Email : alison@thecakedecoratingacademy.co.uk
Text: 07932019727
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Kerry Herbert

Location: Enfield, North London
To contact Kerry, regarding class dates
Email : kerry@thecakedecoratingacademy.co.uk
Text: 07942337293
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Nicola Gossage

Location: Worcestershire
To contact Nicola, regarding class dates
Email: nicola@thecakedecoratingacademy.co.uk
Text: 07488261433
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For any further information on locations please email us – hello@thecakedecoratingacademy.co.uk

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