Hen Parties

At The Cake Decorating Academy we pride ourselves on offering FUN filled cake workshops! What better way to celebrate a hen party?

We have a number of options for our hens depending on the tastes and preferences of our brides to be… our themes vary from Sex in the City to a Vintage theme…

Our hen parties are 2 hours long and are priced at £44.99 per head with a minimum of 10 hens per party. The party usually starts at 12.30 (lunch time) and finishes at 2.30pm making it the perfect start to the whole Hen experience!

Our Hen Parties are held at our studios across the UK, please click on our “locations” tab to find out more. We would be delighted to help you build your unique hen party package for the day, or even the weekend with our special contacts in the local hospitality world.

If the timing is not suitable then the timings can be made slightly later.

By special arrangement we will come to another suitable venue of your choosing as some of our hens prefer to entertain at home. We would be delighted to tailor your Hen Party to suit you and your guests and ask that you contact us via email to discuss your individual needs. Email hello@thecakedecoratingacademy.co.uk or find your local party tutor using our locations tab above.

Everyone attending will go home with a box of 6 cupcakes all of which they would have all decorated themselves.

As a complimentary gift from The Cake Decorating Academy, we would also provide some sparkly wine & nibbles during your cupcake party. Soft drinks are also served.

All ingredients and equipment are included in the course price.

*Payment must be made in full one month prior to event.

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