Top Tips For Successful Cupcake Baking – A Must Read


Top Tips for Successful Cupcake Baking !!!!


Firstly, have you seen our fabulous cupcake recipe and method? which is a real game-changer! Take a Look Now


* ALWAYS use the finest ingredients. Ensure that they are fresh, in date, and stored correctly. We use and recommend McDougals Supreme Self-Raising Flour. Store your flour in an Air Tight Container, to prevent weevils from infesting it. Yes, it is an issue !!

* Bring all your ingredients to room temperature, don’t keep eggs in the fridge, and warm your butter/marg, before mixing your batter.

* Preheat your oven and bake at the temperature stated in the recipe. From experience, we know that everyone’s oven lies to them !!!!! Ensure you know you are baking at the right temperate by not trusting the dial, and by using an oven thermometer.

* Using a fan oven can dry out small cakes quickly, so reduce the temperature stated in the recipe to 160 degrees. You can
even place a tray of shallow water at the bottom of the oven as steam will help with the drying out of small cakes.

*  Better to have a pale-coloured cupcake than a burnt or brown one. Always cool on a Cooling Tray, to stop the cases from peeling.

* Ensure that your cupcakes are completely cold before decorating. Undecorated cupcakes can be frozen for up to a month if you make a big batch. Place them into a cupcake box and straight into the freezer. You can freeze them with buttercream on, but not with fondant or decorations like flowers or butterflies on.

* Defrost your frozen cupcakes on a Cooling Tray with a tea towel over the top.

* We always use Vanilla extract and never vanilla essence as our flavoring! Vanilla is expensive but you only need a teaspoon into your batter.

* Vanilla extract is made commercially by an extraction method that uses alcohol. If you do not want to use alcohol-related products, as part of your ingredients, then you could use natural Vanilla pods.

*Alternatively replace 30-50 grams of your McDougals Supreme Sponge SR Flour  (as per our AMAZING Cupcake Sponge Recipe )with the same amount of  Birds Custard Powder.

(We have liaised with Birds customer care line and confirmed that there is no alcohol used in the manufacture of the custard powder). Plus it’s much cheaper than Vanilla extract


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