Buttercream Flower Cupcake Bouquet Class NOTES

Buttercream Flower Bouquet Notes


Thank You for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed your day with us, and we look forward to seeing you again..

Here are your notes to complement your class. We have taken the liberty of providing you with links to Amazon, to make shopping far easier for you, save you traipsing around trying to find stuff, and most are next-day delivery, and at a very good price.

We want you to practice your new skills and ignite the Star Baker within you.

We have tried to be frugal for you, but sometimes we have recommended the tried and tested equipment, which may be branded as we find the cheaper copies break!

Don’t forget your Bouquet does not go in the fridge as the buttercream should be stable in normal UK temperatures.

Take a look at our LUSCIOUS CREAMY BUTTERCREAM RECIPE for great hints for making your buttercream smoother in our summer heat, it is a real game changer and TOP SECRET !!!!

Plus our secret SUPER LIGHT & MOIST CUPCAKE RECIPE, using our breadcrumb method, ensures you get feather-light cupcakes.

Finally don’t forget PLEASE leave us a GOOGLE REVIEW, and think of us when gifting a special present as our classes make a great day out for loved ones or a leaving present. Or just take your skills further.

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