Tall Sharp Edge Metallic Cake Class Notes

Tall Sharp Edge Metallic Cake Class Notes

Here are your notes to complement your class.

Firstly, there is a lot of GREAT basic information from our Celebration Cake Class notes, which you may need, as there is no such thing as too much information. Click the link and Take a Look.

BUT,,,,,, now you are making taller cakes, and or wanting a sharp more professional edge to your cake, you need to step up to the non supermarket specicialist fondants ! This is explained further down.


Making Ganache


We actually use Elmlea whipping (It’s a plant based cream) or double cream, for our ganache.

You can use dark chocolate or white chocolate. Lidl or Aldi chocolate is fine ..you don’t need to break the bank for the ganache.

With dark chocolate : we use 2:1 chocolate to cream. Weigh your cream to make it easier.
With white chocolate : we use 3:1 chocolate to cream.


Break chocolate into small pieces and place in a glass bowl, or ceramic dish, and heat cream in a jug in a microwave .

Pour the hot cream over the chocolate. (Stand the bowl on a T towel so that the work surface doesn’t steal the heat.)

If not all the chocolate has dissolved, pop the bowl into a microwave for 15 second bursts , mixing frantically, for at least a minute, between each burst in the microwave.

NOTE :If you ganache splits ( looks grainy, you can rescue it by adding a slash of very cold cream or even full fat milk, and beat frantically .. it will come back.


Ganache can be frozen !! if you have any left over, and can be used again to decoarate drip cakes .

We tend to freeze in a small plastic piping bag, making it easy to defrost by dropping the sealed piping bag into tepid/warm water. Then once it is soft we snip the end off, to use for drips.

Now lets talk about your Ganache Plates. These are amazing useful tools that can be used for tall buttercream drip cakes as well, and are very cheap and an essential in your cake tool kit.


For the class we used 6 inch round cakes, so the plates need to be slightly larger to ensure a nice coating of ganache, therefore they were 6.5 inch ganache plates.

Once the ganache shell has been applied using your GANACHE PLATES (6.5 inch )and has gone completely hard, you must remember to use white vegetable fat ( Trex) to lightly grease your ganache shell !

You can get bigger ganache plates for


More sizes are available if you click the link !


Once you have greased the ganache shell, wipe or wash your hands, so as not to get it on the sugar paste ( fondant ) surface.

The metallic finish or even decorations won’t stick if you get the white vegetable fat on the outer fondant

Your cake will last a week now as it is sealed, so you could come back later, and cover with fondant, if you are time poor.

Now, as we said, for sharp edge or taller fondant cakes normal supermarket fondant isn’t enough.


You need to step up to the SPECIALIST SUGAR PASTES ( fondants )

Examples are :


The Sugar Paste


Renshaws EXTRA 

We HIGHLY recommend RENSHAWS EXTRA, be careful that it is Extra !!, and not normal RENSHAWS.

They are not available in supermarkets, but online or a specialist cake decorating suppliers.

The reason they are specialist is that they are stretchy and don’t tear !

They are more expensive than normal fondant.

Again once cover your cake with fondant using our 3 R’s technique, and then your cake is sealed and will not go off quickly.


3 R’s :


Right Amount of Fondant (Approx. 750g for your class cake )

Right Area ( Use about a 2 inch less in the diameter as the paste will stretch)

Right Rolling Technique.

More tips :


Make sure your buttercream ( not margarine ) is set in the filling, between the layers before you proceed to ganaching stage .

Chill the layers and filling in the fridge first to cement them together. Never put your fondant covered cake in the fridge or an air tight container !!!!

Use a spirit level on the sides and top at all times ..

(I have even supported the cake not to move when it is in the fridge with tins !!)

Never lift your cake into its box, slide it in.

Always transport your cakes in the footwell of a car and not on anyone’s lap or car seat !!!

Placing decorations on your cake :

Flowers : ensure they are food safe, and we advise using fake flowers. Never put the stems or wires from flowers or decorations  into the cake , always use a cake pic or tape them!

Fixing decorations : You may have a model or toy to fix on . Use a stiff mix of royal icing or a small ball of very wet fondant .

We are always asked why you can’t do this with buttercream to create a sharp edge under layer . Well when you are ‘ crimping ‘ the fondant, on finishing, the butter tends to melt and therefore you lose the sharp edge ..

Creating the sharp finished edge.

Don’t forget to use your SMALL PLIABLE SMOOTHERS to finish the sharp edge of the fondant to great effect.

Metallic Finish

Be careful to buy a SAFE METALLIC  CAKE LUSTRE DUST to finish your cakes.

Mix a small amount with ALCOHOLIC DIPPING SOLUTION 

(This is also called rejuvenator spirit).

We recommend only mixing a small amount, and covering your pot, as the alcohol evaporates off quickly.

Use a large brush, a newly purchased NON SHEDDING DECORATORS BRUSH is what we use to paint the first layer.

Once again we make no apology for the links as they serve as a great illustration of what we describe, and it’s far easier to shop online these days. We earn pennies for the links!

Finally, when the metallic painting is dry, use a newly purchased LARGE MAKE UP BRUSH
Dip the brush into the lustre, tap the excess off and buff up your cake so any brush marks disappear !!
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