Vintage and Lace Cupcake Notes

Your Vintage & Lace Cupcake Class Notes


We were so pleased you chose us to spend a lovely day with, learning new skills or hopefully just enjoying yourself.

There was so much more we wanted to share with you, and therefore we have put together some comprehensive notes for you so that you can recreate the cupcakes, and continue to wow your family and friends. Click on the links below to work your way through.

Our Fabulous Cupcake Recipe – It’s a MUST! – The Bread Crumb Method – Never Fails, It’s So Light and Spongy.

Our Top Tips For Actually Baking Your Cupcakes – Never Beaten !!

Our Luscious Buttercream Recipe

How to Ensure Your Eggs are Fresh and Safe to Eat!

(We have taken the liberty of providing you with links to Amazon, to make shopping far easier for you, save you traipsing around trying to find stuff, and most are next-day delivery, and at a very good price. Or use it to illustrate exactly what we mean by clicking the link.

We have tried to be frugal for you, but sometimes we have recommended the tried and tested equipment/ingredients, which may be branded as we find the cheaper copies break!

Equipment You Will Need


Cupcakes ( Our fluffy light recipe)

Piping Bags

2D Piping Nozzle

Small Rolling Pin

Cake Stitching Tool

Small Pastry Cutter (to just fit the size of your cupcake)

Buttercream ( Recipe)


Gel Food Safe Colouring

Flower or Modelling Paste

Trex (White Vegetable Fat)

Edible Glue

Ready Made Cake Lace 

Sugar Dragee’s




Shopping Basket